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Shigemi tubes consist of an outer tube and a plunger whose magnetic susceptibility is adapted to different solvents.

They also allow characterisation of low concentrated samples due to a reduced sample volume.

We offer standard 5mm Shigemi tubes for Acetone, D₂O, chloroform, DMSO (benzene, pyridine) and methanol (acetonitrile).

On request, we can also supply other tubes from the Shigemi range.

Item NumberInsert Length (mm)Insert OD-A (mm)Insert OD-B (mm)Outer Tube Length(mm)Outer Tube OD (mm)Bottom LengthPrice/ EachAmountAdd to Cart
BMS-005B (D₂O)190,04,17±0,01180,04,24,965±0,018,0132,00
CMS-005B (Chloroform)190,04,17±0,01180,04,24,965±0,018,0132,00
DMS-005B (DMSO)190,04,17±0,01180,04,24,965±0,018,0146,00
MMS-005B (Methanol)190,04,17±0,01180,04,24,965±0,018,0146,00
AMS-005B (Acetone)190,04,17±0,01180,04,24,965±0,018,0190,00


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