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Zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Deuterium oxide


MW20.03 g/mol
Density1.11 g/ml
mp3.8 °C
bp101.4 °C

Important: Please make sure to stock up on D₂O early enough. This solvent already freezes at +4 degrees. 

Art. Nr.Product%QuantityPrice/each (Euro)AmountAdd to Cart
00506-075mlDeuterium Oxide99,900,75 ml1,70
00506-10mlDeuterium Oxide99,9010 ml8,00
00506-10ml-sDeuterium Oxide SEPTUM99,9010 ml8,00
00506-25mlDeuterium Oxide99,9025 ml17,60
00506-100mlDeuterium Oxide99,90100 ml65,60
00506-500mlDeuterium Oxide99,90500 ml311,10
00506-1000mlDeuterium Oxide99,901000 ml603,40
00507-05mlDeuterium Oxide99,950,5 ml2,20
00507-075mlDeuterium Oxide99,950,75 ml2,60
00507-10mlDeuterium Oxide99,9510 ml10,10
00507-10ml-sDeuterium Oxide SEPTUM99,9510 ml10,10
00507-25mlDeuterium Oxide99,9525 ml26,00
00507-100mlDeuterium Oxide99,95100 ml87,40
00509-10mlDeuterium Oxide99,9810 ml14,60
00509-25mlDeuterium Oxide99,9825 ml34,40


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