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NMR Solvents

All products are bottled by us and analysed on our in-house 500 MHz NMR spectrometer. The water content (H2O + D2O) is determined by coulometric Karl Fischer titration.

Individual fillings as well as special requests are possible on demand. We are pleased to provide an offer on your request.

We offer:

  • a wide range of solvents with different isotopic enrichments
  • excellent qualities at competitive prices
  • almost everthing can be supplied ex stock
  • Ampoules from 0,2 ml to 10 ml
  • Septum bottles from 5 ml to 10 ml (25 ml and 50 ml on request)
  • Screw cap bottles from 5 ml to 1000 ml
  • an extra of TMS 0,03% or TMSP-d4 (for D2O) without surcharge


Deuterated solvents

Stabile Isotope

Perdeuterated fatty acids on request

C5Pentanoic-d10 Acid
C6Hexanoic- d12 Acid
C7Hepatonic-d14 Acid
C8Octanoic-d16 Acid
C10Decanoic-d20 Acid
C12Dodecanoic-d24 Acid
C14Tetradecanoic-d28 Acid
C16Hexadecanoic-d32 Acid
C18Octadecanoic-d36 Acid

Further deuterated compositions and stabile Isotopes

Deutero GmbH is a supplier of all commercial available labelled compounds.

For products that are not produced so far we are pleased to offer custom synthesis capabilities.


Offers at present:

51502-5gAmmoniumchloride 15N99 Atom % 15N5 gprice on request
50302-1gGlucose 13C699 Atom % 13C1 g125,00
23401-1gTRIS (hydroxymethyl)methylamine-d11 98 Atom %1 g179,00
23401-5gTRIS (hydroxymethyl)methylamine-d1198 Atom %5 g698,00

Fluorochemicals from Apollo

If you are interested in fluorochemicals from Apollo please contact us.




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